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Green I offers natural products that can help you with your health. Aronia is an unavoidable partner in prevention of illnesses and improving your health in a natural way.

Production of pure aronia juice is a result of great efforts, love, sacrifice and patience in order to offer supreme quality product rich in vitamins and nutrients. In addition to producing the juice, our desire is to promote healthy dieting and raise awareness of the importance of consuming natural products. What we have is a supreme quality product, pure, without any sugar or chemicals added, for consumption of both adults and children. Exactly for that reason we wish to offer it to everyone, both the experienced ones who live in harmony with nature and those who are sometimes sceptical about healthy products. 

Whether you consume the juice for prevention purposes or to treat certain ailments, you can be certain of its benefits, which reflect on your overall health. We wish to also point out to the fact the beauty comes from within and your general health greatly depends on your eating habits and intake of natural ingredients. Nature is worthwhile admiring and products from untouched nature are richness that cannot be substituted for. Miraculous power is aronia is known since ancient times and it is up to you to taste its wonders and see for yourselves all of its benefits.

Green I products have an EU organic product certificate which guarantees that the product is 100% organic and that rules related to organic growing, production and packaging are adhered to.


In order to be in the business of aronia growing, we need to know where does it originate from? Aronia arrived to Europe from the eastern part of North America. Supposedly, it was known to the natives, who dried its berries and used them for making winter scones. They also used aronia as a medicine against stomach and intestine ailments. In addition to mature berries, North American Indians used aronia leaves and skin to prepare tea as an instrument for stopping the bleeding from the wounds. In Europe, aronia drew attention to itself due to its beauty as its flowers are amongst the prettiest among bush-like plants and its benefits were discovered only later.

When you put your efforts together...

Today, we know that anything can be done with a lot of determination, effort, love and patience. We recognised the benefits of aronia and decided to start our own aronia growing and processing. Our field of about 2.8 hectares is located in Gradec near Vrbovec. Since 2014, aronia plantations were built on two occasions. Far away from the city and bustle, we grow aronia in line with organic production standards, free from artificial fertilisers and other agrichemicals. At the time of harvest, which is organised only when the berries are mature, our pickers patiently handpick berry by berry.

Pure aronia juice is produced without sugar, sweeteners, conservatives, water and flavour enhancers added. Firstly, aronia berries are cleaned from stems, and then they are weighed, inspected and sorted. They need a good wash and rinse in order to be prepared for the mill. In the mill, they are grinded to pieces for easier pressing. Grinded fruits are then placed in the press and pressed at 310 bars or 40 tons of pressure. The pressed juice is then pumped out and left to sediment. After 2-3 hours, the juice is filtered and pasteurised at 80 degrees Celsius and filled into bottles.

Benefits of aronia for your health

Antioxidant source

Aronia was tested and compared to 276 other edible items that can be found in the USA and is ranked № 1 antioxidIn the United States, the Aronia berry was tested by the Department of Agriculture in November of 2007. A public comparison was published showing that can be found in the USA and is ranked № 1 antioxidant.It is important to note that the same agency (USDA) subsequently announced that it was not fully proven that antioxidants are acting as most people presume today. They give excellent results in-vitro, but studies have shown a partial positive result in the human body. What is certain is that among the many antioxidants in the aronia there are several specific for which a good health effect is confirmed. Other antioxidants are just an extra plus.

Unirary tract health

Aronia berries is keeping good urinary tract health. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) happen to millions of people around the world. The main causal agent is Escherichia coli. Symptoms include frequent feeling and/or need to urinate, pain during urination, and cloudy urine. It is well known that cranberries are good in the fight against UTI, but studies show that aronia berries are five to ten times more effective, because of the higher dose of quinic acid in them, which is proven to prevent urinary infections. Additional lab studies showed that Aronia Melanocarpa is effective in reducing micro-organism growth for several bacteria including Escherichia coli, thus proving aronia berries help prevent and cure UTI and maintain good urinary tract health.

Balance of blood pressure levels

Aronia helps greatly in keeping blood pressure at normal levels. The dark pigmented berries have been known to prevent spasms in blood vessels, keeping the blood pressure far from the “danger zone”. The juice or tea from chokeberry is highly recommended to anyone having problems with the circulatory system and blood pressure. In a 2007 double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel trial study (Naruszervicz M et al), conducted by the Department of Pharmacognosy and Molecular Basis of Phythotherapy, Medical University of Warsaw and the Center for Atherosclerosis Research, Pomerainian Medical University Szczecin, Poland gave patients, who had experienced myocardial infracture and were being treated with statin therapy, a rich extract from the Aronia Berry. Cardiovascular risk markers were significantly reduced in those taking the Aronia melanocarpa E. They saw a reduction in blood pressure and Ox-LDL levels and more.

Prevention and help in treatment of diabetes

There have been a number of studies analyzing how aronia berries affect people with diabetes. One of them concluded that consumption of the “super berries” would not increase blood sugar levels and it can even lower them. Aronia can be very beneficial for people who want to prevent diabetes and it can also help people manage diabetes - associated conditions. Another study (Simeonov et al, 2002) conducted at the Medical University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, found that aronia juice without sugar added (artificially sweetened) was “a valuable adjunct” to treating patients with diabetes. An animal modeled study in 2007 (Valcheva-Kuzmanova S et al), conducted by the Department of Preclinical Pharmacology and Biochemistry, Medical University, Varna, Bulgaria was conducted on diabetic rats. The outcome showed that the use of Aronia melanocarpa fruit juice might be useful in the prevention and control of diabetes and in the complications of diabetes.

Try our aronia juice for your health and pleasure

In combination with sweet and savory dishes

„Gastro protective“ effect

Aronia berries have also been proven to help treating stomach problems including gastric ulcers, diarrhea. That theory has been analyzed by an animal study in 2004, which showed that the aronia berry’s antioxidant effects had a gastro protective effect when treating the acute gastric hemorrhagic lesion in rats. This study suggested to scientists that it can be a natural effective treatment for stomach problems in humans (including ulcers). Proving once again to be an extremely valuable fruit, dried Aronia is a great medicine for kidney and stomach problems.

Anti-carcinogenic effect

In the context of “gastro protection”, aronia berries also serve as anti-carcinogenic agent. The effect of the black colored berries on cancer as it’s known to be rather effective especially for those suffering from colon cancer. A study conducted in 2003 showed that the berry provided a natural defense to fight against colon cancer. The article, “Darker fruits could fight cancer“, discusses the findings of researchers at Ohio State University who found that darker fruits and berries could fight cancer. The aronia berry or chokeberry is mentioned in the article, “Anthocyanin pigments obtained from black carrots and radishes slowed the growth of cancer cells by between 50 to 80%. But compounds from chokeberries for instance killed up to a fifth of existing cells, without impacting upon healthy ones.”

Anti-inflammatory properties

If your diet includes aronia berry regularly, you can be sure that colds and flu will not trouble you soon! It fights bacteria and viruses and boosts the immune system. Another Bulgarian study (Study of the natural Aronia Melanocarpa juice for anti-viral activity, Borissova et al, 1994) showed that chokeberry juice, due to its anthocyane flavonoids, had an anti-inflammatory value, when inflammation was induced by histamine & serotonin.

Eyes protection

Aronia berries, among all other healthy benefits, provide good protection for our eyes. The super berries contain a large amount of carotene, which protects cells from damage and the eyes from cataract formation. They are also rich in flavonoid anti-oxidants such as luteins and zeaxanthins. Zeaxanthin has photo-filtering effects on UV rays and thus protects eyes from age related macular disease in the elderly (ARMD) and eye inflammation (uveitis). Researchers in Japan have been measuring the effects of aronia crude extract (ACE) on eye inflammation. The study was published in Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science several years ago.

Weight control

Last, but not least Aronia berries help in regulating weight. In addition to that, Aronia can help prevent the body from storing fat around the abdomen, a problem which many people are constantly facing. An added benefit from having aronia berries included in your diet is that it can also improve your cholesterol and lipid levels, by helping the body to produce good cholesterol. This great health benefit is analyzed by scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture based in Beltsville, Maryland who have conducted a study proving good effects of the super berry on control of weight and cholesterol levels.